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"Like tears on greaseproof paper, a moment held in time", Jahna Low

My last photo of my 365 year in photos project. I will continue my photo-a-day project! A drop of water seems suspended above the surface. Light and shadow frame the droplet as its final moment before impact is documented.

Thanks for breaking my heart even more. Every time I read this it breaks me even though I know they're safe and sound

Last pages of Mark of Athena into the House of Hades: Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase falling into Tartarus amazing fan art

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This Lacy Shell Afghan is light, lovely, and lusciously soft. It features a beautiful scalloped edge, adding to the feminine grace of this afghan. Use several shades of blue to make this lacy crochet afghan pattern resemble the ocean tide.

Easy to sing, but hard to act on. Too many Americans fighting blood turns to poop when the time comes to actually serve. Don't believe me? What percentage of Americans have volunteered to serve in the Military?

- from God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood

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A nearby meteorite crash blocks off the dinosaurs' water supply, starting an ecological chain-reaction that threatens life in the valley. All the dinosaurs, including a group of stupid bullies, must cooperate in an effort to free the blockage, which involves a risky venture outside the valley.

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Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog, US selling American lands to the Chinese to pay off debt. New home loans, solar power, all backed by Chinese businesses.

Old System Struggling and Dying-Catherine Austin Fitts: I think bail-ins are coming . the big question is not will we be able to get out insured deposits. I think the big question is how violent will things get?

Mary Baxter St. Clair | American Magical Fantasy painter | The Secret Gardens

Mary Baxter St. Clair ~ Magical Fantasy painter

Where the bee sips there sup i" in a cowslips bell I lye.there I couch till owls do cry, till owls do cry,till owls do cry.

1. Animal I have become: three days grace 2. Something's gotta give: ATL 3. Alpha dog: FOB 4. Bite my tongue YM@6 5. Dear Maria: ATL 6. Kicking and screaming ATL 7. The reckless and the brave ATL 8. I am bulletproof BVB 9. Loverboy YM@6 10. Death Valley FOB. I think it works. Yeah.

Pour Me-Hollywood Undead The Loss-Hollywood Undead Religion-Black Veil Brides Never Too Late-Three Days Grace Here We Go-Sleeping With Sirens Stricker-Disturbed The Sinner-Memphis May Fire Stay-Mayday Parade The End-Silverstein California-Hollywood Undead

Asako Eguchi - A repin, but oh so beautiful...

Mending the spider's silken thread ≍ Nature's Fairy Nymphs ≍ magical elves, sprites, pixies and winged woodland faeries - Glow of the moon on silken web

NBC Nightly News Report on 'America' Interview with Pope Francis | America Magazine

Short essay on think before you speak You may think they are on. There are people who think that women ask for rape by a look or a short skirt or a. Essays Related to Think Before You Speak.

disneyland-secrets, some secrets should stay a secret. gross.

"disneyland-secrets, some secrets should stay a secret." Yeah, for about 20 minutes, now they are in a dumpster.