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Αυτές είναι οι τροφές που ανεβάζουν τη χοληστερόλη: http://biologikaorganikaproionta.com/health/228290/

Υγεία - Οι πιο όμορφοι κότσοι για το καλοκαίρι σε λίγα μόνο λεπτά!

For Cholesterol management and lower your cholesterol, the doctor would advise you to make certain lifestyle changes. Moreover, if the levels are considerably high, then doctor might also advise drug therapy.

A Skeptics Guide to Essential Oils: How do they work?!

A Skeptic's Guide To Essential Oils: How They Work

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There are two types of cholesterol: "good" and "bad."  It's important to understand the difference, and to know the levels of "good" and "bad" cholesterol in your blood.

Cholesterol isn't bad in and of itself. In fact, cholesterol is necessary to keep your body functioning, and your body produces all you need. Trouble starts, though, when too much comes in from the food you eat.

2  drops of Myrrh essential oil applied on the outside to relieve the itching and burning. Suppository recipe: 2 tablespoons coconut oil 5 drops Thieves 5 drops Frankincense 5 drops Melrose Melted the coconut oil into a glass jar. Added the essential oils and mixed them together. Make a tube-like trough out of foil and poured the oil mixture in there. Close the foil along the top and froze it for about ten minutes. Cut the long frozen tube into 1.5-inch pieces.

Prepper Essential Oils : Relief From Hemorrhoids Using Essential Oils Suffering from this dreadful problem is definitely got to be unpleasant. Have you ever intend to end your nightmare?

When cold strikes many people reach for the Vicks and slather it on their chest. Admittedly, Vicks does seem to work, but it also contains turpentine and petroleum products which are not good for us.  Instead whip up this super simple chest rub made with coconut oil and essential oils. Click the link below to see the full recipe…

Instead of Vicks which is petroleum based: Natural Coconut Chest Rub Ingredients- 1 heaping spoonful extra virgin coconut oil in solidified state, 3 drops eucalyptus essential oil, 3 drops lemon essential oil, 3 drops peppermint essential oil Waldman

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Step by step, here is how to get started with Essential Oils...they will change your life! #essentialoils #gettingstarted #DIY

Step by step, here is how to get started with Essential Oils.they will change your life! There are so many fantastic uses for Young Living Essential Oils!

Is it a cold, allergies, or sinus problem? Here's how to tell based on your symptoms | Health.com

Is It a Cold, Allergies, or a Sinus Problem?

Got a cold? If you have a stuffy nose, runny eyes, and other symptoms, you might think so. But it could also be due to allergies or even a sinus infection, which you would treat differently than a cold.