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Like last year some cheerleader came to our school for a basketball game and she knew my name and she said she missed me and she loved me so much.yea i had no clue who the heck she was.still don't hahaha it is also the opposite

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OR brushing teeth and your hair falls right as you spit!<<<yessss, I hate it when that happens

It's truly a gift.

Teenager Post who can finish a shampoo bottle at the same time as conditioner are truly gifted. So true.

@Ashley Cohn why is this so accurate? Lol, it's like the definition of our friendship. Hahaha

This happens to me so much like my friends will say stuff or I will watch a tv show and start saying there catch phrases and words they say and I will say the same thing

"Shhh, toilet, you're going to wake everyone up." All the time

Teenager Post Flushing the toilet at night when everyone is asleep makes it seem 100 times louder.

Yeah... To the left of my stomach.

No, every time I have to hold back the thousands of sarcastic comments it physically pains me.

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Worst feeling in the world to me because I always do it on the last day