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i'm so proud of him :') he made so many little boys and girls feel special today.

✅ i can't get over this picture. niall having the time of his life, louis well yeah, zayn enjoying the rollercoaster that is life, and liam protecting his hair and Harry not there because roller coasters

Ele é um verdadeiro príncipe

ERStollery: Here is the Prince of the @ Louis_Tomlinson with Princess Eleanor.

Louis Tomlinson of One Direction performs at CenturyLink Field on July 2015 in Seattle, Washington.


I like how in the pic they use it from the incredibles and this part the guy is all like obsessed with catching dash like fan girls are of their favorite band member!

This concert >>> they had FIREWORKS at the end of the show omg

This concert >>> they had FIREWORKS at the end of the show omg <<< what a great concert probs one of their best ones yet liam w/ his tank top niall w/ his fetus hair louis w/ his somewhat fetus hair and harry and zayn just looking hot as always ;

That second pic tho..I feel like I'm looking at the 90s. Like bsb and 98degrees. Am I too old? Soz

That second pic tho.I feel like I'm looking at the Like bsb and Am I too old?

I WANT TO BE IN THIS MAN'S CLASS (and lets not look over the fact his tweet is "Salad in the wind")

The best teacher ever! what about Louis? "Salad in the wind" ? Ah, nevermind

Louis Tomlinson is amazing donating over 2 million pounds to a charity to help sick children and throwing them a "Cinderella Ball"