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Rosslyn Chapel Green Man

DORIAN'S MYSTERIES REVEALED: Rosslyn Chapel and the Devil's Music

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gargoyle statues | Medieval Menacing Gargoyle Sculpture Gothic Statue | eBay

Medieval Menacing Gargoyle Sculpture Gothic Statue

Victor the Vicious, Giant Gargoyle Sentry Statue

Design Toscano Victor The Vicious Giant Gargoyle Sentry Statue

oxford gargoyle

A horrific gargoyle ,screaming. I wonder who has the morbid imagination to come up with that creature.

GARGOYLS & Architectural Art

the crazy emotion on this gargoyles face is really effective at scaring you

Gargoyles at Paisley Abbey in Scotland

The Gargoyles of Paisley Abbey: The Paisley Abbey is a former Cluniac monastery, and current Church of Scotland parish kirk, located on the east bank of the White Cart Water in the centre of the town of Paisley, Renfrewshire, in west central Scotland.