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Armando, Neapolitan Mastiff y/o)

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These Dog Friendships Are So Beyond Adorable It's Almost Too Much to Handle - Dose - Your Daily Dose of Amazing

BBB: Bully in a blue bow

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Pile of Chinese shar-pei pups

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english bull dog puppies - I want!

A few extra wrinkles

HAhahahahahahaaa I love wrinkly dogs

Elias Friedman (@thedogist en Instagram)  es uno de los #fotógrafos de #perritos más conocidos en #EstadosUnidos y sus fotografías nos muestran por qué. Échale un vistazo a su increíble trabajo y descubre más sobre él: https://www.buzzfeed.com/hannahloewentheil/este-chico-se-gana-la-vida-haciendo-fotos-de-perros?bfsource=bbf_es&utm_term=.cv5vekQ278#.xt76o9enaM #perros #perrito #perrosdeinstagram #instadog #Doglover #amoranimal #Dogstagram #photo #portrait

Este chico se gana la vida haciendo fotos increíblemente tiernas de perritos

This Makes A Living Taking Insanely Cute Dog Photos

So many fluffin wrinkles!

English Bulldog puppy -- look at those wrinkles! Aww such a cutie

Sergeant Stubby WWI 1st War Dog HERO

Jack Brutus was the official mascot for Company K of the First Connecticut Volunteer Infantry during the Spanish-American War. Unlike Sergeant Stubby, Jack was never in the action nor had a rank. He died in 1898 of spinal troubles and other complications.

Dognkey !!!

Swissy & a donkey are unusual barnyard friends. Most donkeys see dogs as coyotes/ predator! So this is exceptionally sweet & amazing!

Seamus, Newfoundland (8 y/o), McCarren Park, Brooklyn, NY • "He lays around most of the time, but pulls really well on his walks."

Seamus, Newfoundland y/o), McCarren Park, Brooklyn, NY

English bulldog

English Bulldog pup, what a quisy little face!

Neapolitan Mastiff Puppy! Temperament: Stubborn, Obedient, Fearless, Dominant, Protective, Trainable.

Neopolitan Mastiff puppy- Love this Doggie