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Hetalia characters as birds: England as a robin - Art by えのきんぐ (The English robin is VERY different from the North American robin in appearance)

Magnetos Of Future Past by Notch

Michael Fassbender Ian McKellen’s Magneto Highlighted In Spectacular Illustrated ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ Poster.

PERFECT! Can this be an AU? Is it already?!

Do a barrel roll >>>>Oh Gott, this is going to end badly.>>>>>>And thats why you don't let america fly a plane! >>>>> or why you DO let America fly a plane!

N. Italy/Veneciano

Italy - Feliciano (Wingtalia)Light chocolate tinted wings, which he has a hard time to control properly.

Hetalia. England, Arthur Kirkland

Read England from the story Imágenes Locas De Hetalia by RollalPapa (RollalPapita) with 294 reads.


England/Britain (Arthur) and little America (Alfred)! Baby/child America is so cute!

View full-size (900x900 425 kB.)

Hetalia/Black Angel Prussia (you can take it like Supernatural XP) [Zero-chan]

no se quien es (en mi libro) pero lo amo

“ Latvia - Raivis Even though he’s small, he has one of the slightly rounder type of wings, which makes them look larger.