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Gypsy horses - strong and docile and of course beautiful

The McEachin surname originated in the Highlands of Scotland.  In A.D. 247, the Pictish prince Eachain led his tribe from County Down, Northern Ireland to what is now southern Scotland, around Galloway.  Eachain means "Horse Lord" in Scots Gaelic.  Ours are the Maceachan, the family which held Tangy up to 1709.  My paternal grandmother's family came to US in 1742 via Cape Fear from Kintyre, in Argyl.  Horse was their tribal totem.  Bless us Epona.

The Gypsy Horse (USA), known as Irish cob (Ireland/UK), Gypsy Cob, Gypsy Vanner (USA) Coloured Cob (UK/Ireland) or Tinker, is a horse breed.

HORSES...if God made anything more beautiful...he saved it for himself :: unknown

Legacy-Picasso-Homozygous Pinto & Black National Show Horse Stallion- from an Arabian and American Saddlebred cross. How gorgeous!

Just The Right Horse American Saddlebred Farm - Camelot A Spotz

A top level American Saddlebred breeder that specializes in Pinto saddlebreds for shows,driving, pleasure riding

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This Brazilian breed of Lusitano descent has unique gaits called marchas. A regular three-gaited horse would need to canter to keep up with the fastest marcha.

This horse is just too pretty! Gorgeous black and white horse with blue eyes.

Summer Rose, a beautiful blue eyed Gypsy Vanner from Stillwater Farm, North Carolina

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satin is more common in "hot" breeds like Thoroughbreds and Arabs. It is most common in the rare Akhal-Teke breed.