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by Gary E. Barnett [Image created with SketchMee for iPhone by Studio Mee]

JUST OUT OF REACH (Limited Edition)

Just Out of Reach by Carne Griffiths. Limited Edition Print from Hang-Up Gallery, London. Europe's leading gallery for Urban and Contemporary art.

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“Man may have discovered fire, but women discovered how to play with it.” ― Candace Bushnell ~ art by Lee Jee-Hyung

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09-10-2014_A good day to : Give thanks to Mother Earth for all her gifts

At last Wilbur saw the creature that had spoken to him in such a kindly way. Stretched across the upper part of the doorway was a big spiderweb, and hanging from the top of the web, head down, was a large grey spider.

Flowers with spider web

Adult David Bowie spider amongst vegetation

Adult David Bowie spider amongst vegetation. Contrary to popular belief, the David Bowie spider was not given its common name to raise awareness of its conservation and it is a common and widespread species.