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They're still building this pipeline. Can you believe that??? (And the concerns were more than justified since the company building has had pipes burst before)

This is terrible and I fully support the Native Americans God save our friends. Not all "white" people support this.

Where does cultural inspiration end and cultural appropriation begin?

This fascinating comic explains why we shouldn't use some Native American designs.

The unfortunate reality.

US Crazy 'Americans'

It's sad that public school history curricular waters down history which is considered depressing, but it happened. People need to know the TRUTH. There is no excuse to rewrite history!

The Daily Dot - Feminist Disney smashes the patriarchy in your childhood favorites

Feminist Disney smashes the patriarchy in your childhood favorites

"Rezpect our water"  Source: @rezpectourwater

"Rezpect our water" Source: At least 4 horses were shot out from under Native American water protectors who are non-violently standing against the installation of the Dakota Access Pipeline across their treaty lands.

Now this is POWERFUL!! Says it all! Thunder Walks About ‏@notaxiwarrior ・・・ {Another pinner wrote:) In reference to the Dakota Access Pipeline protest. I’m not great at words but this issue is very dear to my heart so here’s some art.

Powerful imagery illustrating the hypocrisy of the popularized trend of disrespectful cultural appropriation and objectification of Native Americans vs the way Native Americans are being treated over their peaceful water protection efforts.

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Seattle just replaced Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day. Share if you agree we should do it nationwide.

#culturalappropriation #nativeamerican >> Really wish people wouldn't disrespect other cultures like this.

vivelafat: “ sleepyassassin: “ haytham-senpai: “ ikenbot: “ cultural appropriation 101 ” Seriously guys, wearing a war bonnet without having to suffer blood, sweat and tears for it is so disrespectful to all the servicemen who have sacrificed.