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AMISH RECIPES - SCRIPTURE CAKE - Behold there was a cake baken ( I-Kings, 9:16) - ½ cup butter (Judges, 5:25) - 2 cups flour  (I-Kings, 4:22) -  ½ tsp. salt (Leviticus, 2:13) - 1 cup figs (I-Samuel, 30:12) - 1½ cups sugar  (Jeremiah, 6:20) - 2 tsp. baking powder (Luke, 13:21) - ½ cup water (Genesis, 24:11) - 1 cup raisins (I-Samuel, 30:12) - 3 eggs (Isaiah, 10:14) - Cinnamon, mace, cloves (I-Kings, 10:10) - 1 tblsp. Honey (Proverbs, 24:13) -  ½ cup almonds (Genesis, 43:11) - (cont.)

An Amish family rides in the funeral procession for one of the victims of the Amish school shooting as it passes through the town of Nickel Mines, Pa. Hundreds of Amish.

The Growing Appeal of Intentional Community.....The Growing Appeal of Intentional Community... ...choosing to live with others of like mind!

Amish cooperation, many people fail to understand that this is how people should live and form community. The Amish barn-raising Nebraska Amish barn-raising photo: Randall Persing .

Lancaster, PA. Predominantly Amish town. Incredible place to visit.

The smell of baling hay. ( This is how my Dad baled his hay most of the times.square bales loaded right onto the hay wagon.

I've had the privelage, to teach at a couple local Amish schools within the county. The children are delightful and it has been an honor to see part of their world (something few people have a chance to do).

there are no pictures of Amish markets which we are in love with so i hope Amish children will suffice