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Sad time for emo and friend.

Sad time for emo and friend.

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Mom you asked a question if I don't answer it you yell at me when I do lavender it you yell stop talking back there is no way to win here

Relaxing time for little emo.

Every emo dreams

High school emo

High school emo

A bad day for this emo.

A bad day for this emo.

Yes this happens to me all the time!

Teenager Post That awkward moment when you are trying to explain a song but don't want to sing it.

Omg this happens to me all the time!!

Or they walk up to you later and ask if you understood that math question that morning and you are like, "uhm. I didn't even realize that you were gone." true that

YEEEES!!!!!! XD Always, it's so awkward...

That awkward moment when a 2 year old kid is talking to you and you can't understand him so you just sit there and say "oh really?

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When it's night time, in the morning, and your parents are asleep with their door open, every noise you make is like an explosion.