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If you even try to compare me to one of those retarded school cheerleaders....

I am an all-star cheerleading. I will never stop cheering. Love u Crusaders😘

I've never seen a three-high single basing stunt. This is awesome!  WISH I COULD GO BAAACK!

This is photoshopped. I can tell by looking at how alike the tops and two male cheerleaders are.

I'm sorry, but the first day of school is tomorrow and I need luck lol!!

Don't waste time and this counts if 15 girls sees this sorry not sorry

Sweet im an iPhone cause I'm a flyer lol yea I'm good looking lol jk but don't drop us!!

Flyers are like iPhones, They're good looking, they do cool things and when you drop them you have a mini heart attack and hope they aren't broken

these are spirit fingers--Matthew's favorite thing to do when I need cheering up, actually pretty funny, he does more like jazz hands...

these are spirit fingers- people call it jazz hands, I correct them in my head