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Sew Many Ways...: Tool Time Tuesday...A "To Do List" To Do

A "To Do List" To Do empty itunes gift card, x note pad with cardboard back, mod podge, your choice of fabric, and a name badge clip. BOOM to go list holder TO GO!

Sew Many Ways...: Tool Time Tuesday...Paint Chip Fabric Match

Sew Many Ways.Paint Chip Fabric Match - this is going to make color coordinating fabrics a snap

Such a great idea! I'm so doing this. This is perfect for having outdoor parties and having the table cloths stay down. Love it!!

fishing weights as tablecloth holders- love the black/wht/grey aesthetic

now... this has to be the BEST idea i've ever seen for avoiding creases in your clothes!!!

Eliminate Hanger Crease - using polyethylene pipe insulation tubing (comes with pre-cut slit on one side!

Sew Many Ways...: Tool Time Tuesday...Organize Your Scrap Notes

Make a spike note holder (perhaps use a wooden skewer stick or chopstick instead of nail). This would be great for all my floating notes.

valve drawer pull... i saw some of these already made at joann's for almost 10 bucks each, i want to make some of these for my dresser!

Valve Handle Drawer Pull: cute for little girl's room--could spray paint any color!

conduit fastened to table with S hooks for handy storage of cutting tools, rulers, etc.

Sew Many Ways.Conduit Pipe and Pipe Strap Ideas Conduit pipe attached to edge of sewing table holds hooks and rings for tools, rulers etc.

Sew Many Ways...: Tool Time Tuesday...A "To Do List" To Do

DIY To-Do List/Scratch Pad Holder that clips onto your car vent.

I'd do this for fabric swatches& paint chips when redecorating or...after decorating it would be great to have in your  purse for future reference when shopping...great idea .. great website!

two great ideas for using name badges: organize fabric/paint swatch for decorating projects shopping and for brag "books." I'm also thinking it could work for rewards cards, gift cards, coupons, etc. Great ideal, I am having to pull all of mine out.