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Soft Granite Blanket (Girls), made with chunky weight yarn, 34" x 45". $60 at http://www.ritamiller.com/afghans-baby/ab271-01.html

RitaMiller's Soft Granite Blanket (Girls)

-------------------------------------------- Because I’m using only bulky weight yarn and not super bulky weight .

"Dragonfly Blanket" done in light worsted weight yarn; 46.5" x 68".

RitaMiller's Dragonfly Blanket

"Dragonfly Blanket" done in light worsted weight yarn;

"Beautiful Shells" blanket #1 done in worsted weight yarn in Soft Yellow, Bright Yellow, Light Blue, and Royal. Measures 46" square. $110 at http://www.ritamiller.com/afghans/ar216-01.html.

RitaMiller's Beautiful Shells Blanket #1

I started in the middle with 1 round of each color, then went to 2 rounds of each color, and finally 3 rounds of each color.

Superbly Simple Blanket, 43" x 43", $105.

Desktop Designs Crochet sells hand crocheted items for the family and home. We also make custom items in the patterns and colors of your choice, including school colors.

Dragonfly Baby Blanket, 33.5" x 42", $60.

86 rows pattern rows + 20 hdc purple rows), 2 rows hdc for border. 5 days to crochet.

2 Sided Baby Afghan/Lapghan (Seahawks colors), made with worsted weight yarn in Navy and Spring Green, similar to the Seattle Seahawks colors, 32.5" x 41.5". $75 at http://www.ritamiller.com/afghans-baby/ab274.html

RitaMiller's 2 Sided Baby Afghan/Lapghan (Seahawks colors)

This is a reversible double-thick afghan made in the Seattle Seahawks colors.

"Beautiful Shells Blanket #3" done in worsted weight acrylic yarn in Cherry Red, White, and Royal Blue; 40" x 40". $110 at http://www.ritamiller.com/afghans/ar216-03.html.

RitaMiller's Beautiful Shells Blanket #3

Finished size: x 40 rounds + 1 round edging. 3 days to crochet. -------------------------------------------- All odd rows are white.

"Baby Blanket 1," 28" x 38", $40.

Desktop Designs Crochet sells hand crocheted items for the family and home.

5-1/2 Hour Throw, 33" x 42", $80.

Finished size: x 64 rows. 2 days to crochet. Edging (with H hook): sc around.

Bavarian Stitch Lapghan, 37" x 37", $60.

Finished size: x 24 rounds + edging. I have to say, this afghan made with the Caron Perfect Match and a K hook is SOOOOO squishy & soft!

Eyelets & Textures Baby Blanket, 39" x 57", $65.

"Eyelets and Textures Blanket" done in bulky weight yarn in Citrus Grove Yellow;

Cluster V-Stitch Striped Blanket, 43" x 55.5", $110.

RitaMiller's Cluster V-Stitch Striped Blanket with Shell Border