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Howdy Ya Dewit!: Splicing the Main Brace

Splicing the Main Brace

playroom climbing rope & climbing wall... might prevent rapelling off the living room windows while clinging to the drapes.

Designer Erica Islas& Palisades Kids& Room features a rock-climbing wall and rope.

My climbing rope is almost ready for retirement... This design is really sweet!

I love the design of this recycled climbing rope braided rug. If you have some experience of decorative knotting you could DIY it. I think with a natural rope or using a suitable coloured climbing rope this would look great in a coastal styled interior.

How To Make a Rope Rug II

How To Make a Rope Rug :: SuperTopo Rock Climbing Discussion Topic - page 3

The rope litter: How to carry your injured partner with only a climbing rope | Climbing

Climbing magazine website shares how to carry an injured person with only a climbing rope. This technique can be used to evacuate an injured person out of


Rope Ladder

Climbing Rope --> Rope Ladder-for emergencies, lighter, more flexible and transportable than a standard metal ladder, good to have in case there's a need to exit a high window

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