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Yeah.....this is very accurate.

I remember seeing a Justin Bieber version of this in a cringe compilation and I thought "eeww jb fans are so weird and stalker-y wtf" but now seeing this I understand completely


feeling like you wanna break up with your band listen to fake your death.ok MCR why didn't you listen to that befor you broke up.<< pin now read later reference music mcr

SO       MUCH      P   A    I    N

Well THAT was a brick to the face. Waaaayyyyyyy too true, dude.<<<<< im crying would you like a picture?<<<Well that escalated quickly

This makes me happy

My Chemical Romance. BTW guys, i know i posted a pic earlier saying MCR might be getting back together but i did some research and no such luck.

Gerard way

I remember hearing Gerard say this when I saw mcr live. It's still enchanting to hear<- Lucky! I'll never see him live with mcr.

yES<< it must be the mating bond!

Idk if I would necessarily say that it was Rhysand based on his narrative of events that he told Feyre in ACOMAF. But maybe it's fate or the mating bond that urged her to go?

This makes my heart hurt I need them to just get together already

I'm dying BC of Elysia Champlain's two different "personalities"

Oh Rhys

It says it in the title I do not own Throne of Glass or A Court of Thorns and Roses, our lovely, yet terrifying Sarah J Maas owns it all!

ACOMAF + TID incorrect quotes

ACOMAF + TID incorrect quotes cassian and will are not too different

I would be one of those emos!

This exact same thing happened to me the last time I was at Hot Topic. Except mine didn't change it and there were actual tears from several patrons.>>>when this came on in Hot Topic I went to a corner and cried

fangirlingcantstop: “DESTROY THEM FEYRE. YES GIRL. I CANNOT wait to watch Feyre make a complete mess out of Tamlin and the spring court. And also…. Lucien cringing. YES YOU CRINGE. He knows Feyre is...

I CANNOT wait to watch Feyre make a complete mess out of Tamlin and the spring court.