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... this is so my sister

Taurus Personality- SO Me except I am really trying to embrace change with positivity

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Be yourselves Taurus

Even when a Taurus is in love, theywill never lose any part of their identity. They are always a free bird.

Taurus !!!

As a TAURUS, when you loathe something it is not a logical judgment, it is instinct and you will usually stick with that.


I don't normally do the whole zodiac thing.but these quotes are me to a 't'!

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A Taurus female has an undefeatable emotional strength. You think she's cold cause she rarely sheds a tear, she solid as a rock.


A Taurus Woman is the strongest woman in the zodiac. They are not one to mess with. Unlike the other 11 signs of the zodiac, what you see with her is what you get, no hidden agenda.that would be my baby girl

To all my friends

Finally a description of a Taurus that does not say anything about being stubborn! Sympathy (and more important, empathy) is my most prized trait.

It's true, but why is that? Can anyone tell me, 'cause I don't and I'm a frustrated Taurus :(

It's hard to argue with a Taurus because they keep going for hours without-getting tired.


Taurus Facts - Taurus has thought it long before you said it - Taurus' are the thinkers of the Zodiac -