World in a person

"A writer is a world trapped inside a person." ~ Victor Hugo Brilliant words from one of my favorite writers.

25 Quotes That Will Inspire You To Be A Fearless Writer

25 quotes to inspire you to be a fearless writer


“Writers aren’t exactly people … they’re a whole bunch of people trying to be one person.

#writing quote #- journaling as a young mom for my daughter to read someday.

30 Inspiring Quotes on Writing

writing quote - journaling as a young mom for my daughter to read someday.

Truth. I don't remember the last time I wasn't writing a story in my head. Maybe when I was 3?

It's a Writer Thing. And I’m always with pen and pocket journal, to write ideas down, before they evaporate.

A professor at University taught me this. It might be annoying AF, but it's a great process.

She is right. There are parts of my story that I have rewritten, rearranged, or omitted entirely! ****** Definitely I've done this with essays

True words my friends true words .

"A writer is someone who spends years patiently trying to discover the second being inside him." ~Orhan Pamuk - or her.

Don't get down on yourself.  The first draft of anything is always shit.

The Blue Muse: Dos and don'ts of dissertation writing -- This is why you write it.

what others aren't saying hart

"As a writer you try to listen to what others aren't saying.and write about the silence.Hart Write the silence.

The Book Babe of Delaware

"We are writers, and we never ask one another where we get our ideas; we know we don't know." -Stephen King quote on writers