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Beau chaton! ::: Beautiful kitten!

Love those beautiful blue eyes!

Look at those eyes!!

blue-eyed kitten ♥♥ what a little sweetheart


Kitten With Flower Vertical by LaurenBPhotography Beautiful

I love cats with unique markings.  They're like snowflakes, no two are exactly alike.

Black and white cat face with green eyes cats and kittens

(KO) My little black paws stay busy all the time. Just ask my mama. She says I'm a holy terror. She smiles when she says it.

I surrender . to my own cuteness!

The Somali is an energetic cat that loves to leap as well as play. In spite of that, she is a very easy cat to have in your home. Somalis enjoy individuals and also other animals.

Autumn color at its best.

FrostMint-shecat- Medicine cat- Sexuality: Bi-Smart, quick thinker, agile and swift, she knows just what to do when a cat gets hurt.-  Apprentice: None- no mate/kits/crush- (NetherDragon)

Beautiful blue-eyed Siamese, LOOKs just like my mother-in-laws cat called "Ming"

❖ Ⓢarah Ⓐnne ❖

Love those eyes

просто и со вкусом

просто и со вкусом

135+ Cute Baby Animal | Are You Sure Your Heart Can Handle This Cutest One ?

135+ Cute Baby Animal

Blue jeans blue eyes, how sweet.

Awesome kitten! He looks like he’s ready for action!

Awesome Kitten - 9th March 2015

Such loving eyes

Took a photo of my kitty cat.. hope you like it. :) - Imgur

Took a photo of my kitty cat.. hope you like it. :)

Kitten's face with green eyes

Having a name such as the Bobtail, it is clear that this cat’s Origin and a single uniquely defining trait. The American Bobtail is a powerful, muscular cat, that also appears to be very rare.

7 Facts About American Bobtail Cats You Have To Know

Very interesting post: TOP 30 Funny Cats Pictures.сom lot of interesting things on Funny Cat.

Pretty blue

Pretty blue


I this face. aqua eyes, freckled nose and all!


beautiful calico cat, the markings on her nose is just like my kitty!