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10 Best Churches In Mumbai

The 10 Best Churches In Mumbai

Less than a month after ISIS beheaded a renowned antiquities scholar in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra, the militants took out another of their targets — the Temple of Bel. The UNESCO World Heritage site has been under siege by ISIS since they took control of the historic city in May.

ISIS continues its demolition of Syrian heritage with the destruction of the Temple of Bel

It is a cliché but truly, variety really is the spice in life.  Here is a list of recommended spices for the survival pantry.

Survival Friday: Spices for the Survival Pantry

Mexico City between 1952-1973

This photo collection, that allows us to take a look at what Mexico City looked like in the days of yore, was taken by Fred Herzog. Herzog grew up in Stut

Keukenhof Castle Tulips in Holland

Visiting Keukenhof Castle