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Les yeux des crocodiles reflètent la lumière dans le noir.

Des milliers de crocodiles s'échappent d'un élevage en Afrique du Sud

Sometimes it's hard to separate fact from fiction, especially with the many myths that involve animals. Take a peek at these 10 animal myths and discover which

בעולם החי מגוון גדול של סוגי העינים אך הוא מבוסס על מאפיינים גנטים ואנטומים משותפים.

Being one of the largest geckos found on earth, Smith's Green-eyed Gecko (Gekko smithii), is also blessed with some very big, beautiful, blue-green eyes. These geckos reach lengths of 355 mm inches).

Crocodiles are the biggest reptiles. In this article we will tell you a little crocodile. Crocodiles are very eerie, but they are wonderful creatures.


Tokay Gecko eye (originally from colorsoffauna) Source: earthandanimals