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Idiots, corpses, catholics, balcks, latinos will all vote for her a dozen times…

I cant stand to hear the lies that come out of this womens mouth daily.she plays on stupidity--Can dead people serve on JURY DUTY? What happens to dead people voting rights? I think they need to be cross examined?

hypocrite to the max

Oh Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea. if you were a decent person you would have refuse this job because you know it's corrupt what your parents are doing and accepting this job makes you as corrupt as your parents are.

Exactly!  How can people fail to see that having a for-profit business between patients and doctors is a bad idea?  Read The Fine Print America.

No other developed country in the world has "for profit" health insurance. Nixon understood it was a biased "scam" when he instituted our insurance system.

In America today, if we wanted to, we could wipe out economic hardship almost overnight. We could have free medical care, excellent schools and decent housing for all. The problem is that the great wealth and potential of this country rests with a handful of people.

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