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Max Knight has fused sneakers and bikes into the 'Walking Bike'. The wheels are a bit special as each of them has eight separate sneakers. The best part is you can actually ride it.

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Ergonomic Bedroom Furniture for Teens

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Fingerprint identification. Music Player. Fitness Monitor. Now I want this bike!

Chris Boardman's Theft-proof & Puncture-free Bicycle: Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman shows off his unique bike design which he not only says will be

Well, here's one strange way to recycle shoes! - - - - -There's where my other shoe went!

World’s Most Funniest Bikes

Shoe wheels on bicycle, just an image. Source has many other interesting vehicles though.

folding bike for travel!

Funny pictures about Genius Folding Bicycle. Oh, and cool pics about Genius Folding Bicycle. Also, Genius Folding Bicycle photos.

Holy crap dogs this thing is awesome with a capital F! Triple-Fat-Tire Trike Is Beast Made For Sand And Snow

Triple-Fat-Tire Trike Is Beast Made For Sand And Snow

Rungu& Juggernaut fat-tire bullfrog trike makes it possible to go where a bike can& go and a car won& go. To ride where others dare only walk. To look in grandiosity somewhere between Billy the Puppet pedaling in to assign a Saw task and Jesus st

with WiFi

Solar Tent for high-tech campers Futuristic concept tent can harness solar energy to provide electricity to portable gadgets. Orange, utilizing cutting edge technology in solar harnessing PVs, has reveled new updated Solar Concept Tent.

Love the aero position this guy is getting into. Probably thinking "Look out Fred Flintstone!"

Anyone got a spare motor for this dude. People are so ingenious when it come to riding bikes.live to ride

Hats off to a brighter, greener future!  From Head to Toe, we’ve got you covered. Don’t Toss Old Kicks! Earth911 says to donate them! Where? Find out here!

bowler hat light display for HALO: Carnaby Street Meets Country House Style for High Point Market Spring 2011

After clearing the 80 or so speed bumps on the road we came to a small village on our way to Murchison Falls NP. That is where we saw this guy on his bike full with Pineapples tied together with old inner tube tire strips. Perfectly balanced as we saw him go for a fruit stall. Probably to offload at the market stand.

Uganda has the best pineapple in the world! Pineapple bike: A man carries pineapples on his bicycle to offload at the market, Kampala, Uganda. (Photography by rob gipman)

Monocycle, das erste Selbstbalancierende Fahrrad der Welt, Harald Palma, innovation transportation

Monocycle is the worlds first self balancing bike cars-cars-cars

My Eclectic Depiction Of Life

Robert Wechsler, The best circular bike ever made, at UCSB, by a guy whose last name starts with W… or at least its it the top ten, 2003

glow in the dark paint for my bike  http://www.instructables.com/id/Night-Bike/

Get ready to take your night riding to a whole new level on the Pure Fix Glow in the Dark bike. Just give your bike an hour of daytime sun for an hour or more of night-time fun.