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16 Puns That Are So Bad, They're Good

16 Puns That Are So Bad, They're Good

i'm the last person that couldn't come up with a bank pun. just say "bank"<< thank you for your contribution.

There are definitely a lot of bank puns in 'stock'. Seriously, it's like there's a huge 'cache' of them. I can't make too many though, otherwise they'll all BILLd up.

The sun shouldn't have to go to college. Its' future is already bright enough! Plus, all its' parties would be too lit to be allowed...I need to stop. ☀️

When words have different meaning because the English language is confusing af

This is so wrong.

This is so wrong. <<< These puns are going to kill me<<<That was so low bro

Well now I have plans for Friday...

Because what else would you do with a Caesar salad on the Ides of March? <-- my birthday is on the ides of March.


*Sang like Batman theme song* Pun pun pun pun pun pun pun pun PUN PUN!