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Winter Days

Winter Days

I especially love it when my friend Amanda randomly brings me a large sonic coke at 8 in the morning:) it makes for a great day:)

Crafty in Crosby: Sonic Drink Sign - Office Version A quick & easy gift for your office friends! Just print it out and stick it in a frame.

I find myself wanting to do so much at once that I end up doing nothing at all.

"What a shame & I find myself wanting to do so much all at once that I end up doing nothing at all." & Illustration by Jenny Yu & 2012

Canadian Humor: F Winter....could have been us 2 years ago!!

Yesterday was one of the coldest days this year so far and to remind you of how cold it was here is a collection of some hilarious winter pictures. If you weren’t cold yesterday then these pictures might make you feel a little chilly.

I hate winter ... I'm happy when it's 85 out 8)

SO TRUE! There is absolutely NOTHING that I like about winter. In a perfect world I'd have 1 month of winter with beautiful, perfect snow that's about a foot, maybe 2 max, and then summer for the next 11 months.

Blond Fails (49 pics) - https://www.facebook.com/diplyofficial

Blonde Trapped in Pleasure Bubble

"If you woke up tomorrow, and a miracle happened so that your problem was solved, what would you see differently?" "What would the first signs be that the miracle occurred?"

I love saying stupid stuff especially when the person doesn't know you - the look on their face is priceless. <-- that comment lol

flowers on the van

A flower filled VW van in Dallas Arboretum. I like the wild colors of this picture. I was blessed with a nice spring overcast when taking this exposure.