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10 Heavenly Hobbit Holes We'd Like to Call Home

The Earth House Estate Lättenstrasse from Vetsch Architektur is a set of nine Hobbit-style houses built to augment rather than ruin the existing landscape.

Must have fireplace

Beyond the front entrance adjoining the den is a generous outdoor room with an organic fireplace built from salvaged clinker brick. Clinker brick is overfired to give it a handmade look.

Ummm, this is awesome

There are different kinds of fire places to rock, as well as they fit numerous kinds of style, space and decor. Below are some types of suggestions and also fireplaces, let’s see just what you can rock.

I like the round shape better than the usual square

Totally agree about the Hobbit connection. ********** The round fireplace opening is so welcoming! Love, it kinda reminds me of a Hobbit Hole in TLOTR

Amazing Storage Heater by Lehm und Feuer / Fantastico calorifero con rimessa per la legna, di Lehm und Feuer - #CobHouse #CaseMassoni #ArgillaePaglia

Lehm und Feuer Clay Ovens by Clay & Fire lehmundfeuer.de Batch Rocket Stove Mass Heater Similar mass heating characteristics to masonry heaters

Похожее изображение

Похожее изображение

Cob Homes 9

This Cob House: 50+ Cob House & Natural Building Designs

rocket mass heater - love this style, I would probably add a couch off to the side so I could warm my feet too


My dream home ♡ Natural building - strawbale & cob home The photo is by Sean Maxwell

Inside an earth home

CURVE APPEAL Donald Jasinski says he finds the domed ceilings and rounded columns of his earth-sheltered house more congenial to the human body. In the living room, south-facing windows allow plenty of light to penetrate interior spaces.

Garden Tree House / Hironaka Ogawa & Associates

Garden Tree House / Hironaka Ogawa & Associates

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This is roughing it?

I wanna live here so I could tell small children to go sit in the corner as punishment and watch them try to figure it out. No, seriously. I want a yurt.

Yes!! But open so it's double sided. I so need this!!!

Funny pictures about Beautiful River Rock Fireplace. Oh, and cool pics about Beautiful River Rock Fireplace. Also, Beautiful River Rock Fireplace photos.

Cob bench in straw bale house  I'd  love to build a straw bale house someday!!

Cob bench in straw bale house. I'd love to build a straw bale house someday!

love the little bed nook with steps!!!

Love the idea of a nook bed. Maybe put it in the living room by the fireplace and not do a Murphy bed at all?