All Lilac Wedding Bouquet. Wow gorgeous. And it must smell divine

All Lilac Wedding Bouquet. And it must smell divine Lilac wedding bouquet, lilac bouquet, lila wedding, lilac flowers

Pretty ... Lily of the Valley.

6 Types of Wedding Bouquets Every Bride Should Know

This is the Lilies of the Valley bouquet. Lilies of the Valley symbolize future happiness. (We chose this because Archer always gets Them for May) “The bridesmaids' eight bouquets of white lilac and lilies-of-the-valley had been sent in due time,”

Scottish wedding

I like these Irish symbols/ traditions. Heather used in ancient celtic wedding ceremonys to symbolize love and devotion, ivy for fidelity and bells of Ireland for luck.


Blue/Violet: Even the slightest hint of blue will infuse a bouquet with a breath of sea or sky. Violet is a cool, calming color that mixes beautifully with pinks and whites.

Love Lilacs! They are the most amazing flowers. Reminds me of home.

Lovely Lilac Bouquet

A simple lilac bouquet, my favorite flower, comes out around my birthday in May."The Lilac Town"!