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greater sooty owl (Tyto tenebricosa) - found in south-eastern Australia, montane rainforests of New Guinea and have been seen on Flinders Island in the Bass Strait

Owl statue.

owl by ~protoperahe on deviantART ///// Love this owl. One of the better pieces of owl artwork I have seen.

Common Barn Owl, Black

Ashley, a melanistic Black Barn Owl, Tyto alba. courtesy of the Barn Owl Centre, Gloucestershire.

barn owl on barn door--Why, yes, I was born in a barn.

A Barn Owl on a barn door. I like the contrast of the dark interior of the barn, and the colours of the door in this shot. I wish the barn owl was sligh.

Eurasian Eagle-Owl (Bubo bubo) is a very large and powerful bird, smaller than the Golden Eagle but larger than the Snowy Owl. It is sometimes referred to as the world's largest owl, although Blakiston's Fish Owl (B. blakistoni) is slightly heavier on average and the Great Grey Owl (Strix nebulosa) is slightly longer on average.

Largest owls in the world threaten British birds

The Eurasian Eagle-Owl is a very large, powerful bird, smaller than the Golden Eagle but larger than the Snowy Owl. It's often called the world's largest owl, tho the Blakiston's Fish Owl is slightly heavier and the Great Grey Owl is slightly longer.

" let me feel your wings opening in my life! "

This is my power animal Owl Prayer Animal Spirit Wicca Native American Celtic Parchment Poster Art

Now that is camouflage

Can you make hoot what it is yet? Natural camouflage leaves this American owl barely visible at the entrance to its nest

Jolie chouette

Northern Saw-whet Owl (Aegolius acadicus) is a small owl native to North America.