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National Academy Foundation: Annual Conference

National Academy Foundation: Annual Conference

• SUCCESSFUL 11-wk. Readers Theater study for Reading Improvement*  *Although the study was with ELL students, the lesson structure would help most students–even special ed! :)  See our Facebook page for more Readers Theater tips:  www.Facebook.com/ReadersTheaterAllYear

TESOL International Association - "ESL Games: It's All in the Description - A Speaking and Listening Game"

Can use for marking locations on maps-Flags of All Nations - OrientalTrading.com

Small Plastic Flags of All Nations Flags

BRITISH HOMEOPATHIC ASSOCIATION  | The BHA works to make homeopathy available for everyone through providing useful and factual information but also through supporting education and research.

Conditions A-Z Archives - British Homeopathic Association Archive - British Homeopathic Association

interview with the author of "The Unhealthy Truth"

Robyn O'Brien (The Unhealthy Truth) Interview

The Unhealthy Truth by Robyn O'Brien - this book changed the way I approached all of the "healthy" food I thought I was eating. The information Robyn provides was the motivator for me to get "real" with my food choices for myself and my family.

Vinton McCabe | Homeopathic Remedies for Coughs

Do-It-Yourself: Homeopathic Remedies for the Treatment of Cough

Post in which I take Rhonda's advice and give readers a list of remedies for patients with coughs, to go along with the lists of cold and sore throat remedies. Lists for fever and flu are upcoming, I promise.

One or More Homeopathic Remedies for Life

One or More Homeopathic Remedies for Life is an ongoing debate amongst homeopaths. One school of thought asserts one remedy for a person throughout life.