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Imma guy at like six foot, sooo. I think I'm good, I just wanna grow a fucking beard.


This is so true, just like the crab; people are fascinated by picking with us until we snap. It's so annoying because it's like people try to toy with us haha!

Lauren my daughter.. U make me more than I am. Thankyou for being you!  U little Hick!  lol..

I'm basically a girl with a personality of a dude. ~ well not personality really, more like, mentality. I like nice things but you can keep all the pink glittery stuff.

Funny Picture Post (We Need This!) - February 2012 Birth Club - Page 7 - BabyCenter

Funny Picture Post (We Need This!) - Page 7


OML I thought I was the only one who forgot to drink water :OO