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Madame Lefoux: Monique Ganderton | Official Website

Monique Ganderton is an actress and stunt woman!

I actually didn't cry at this book which makes me feel like a heartless person

the fault in our stars. I wish this wasn't so true. John green legit depressed me

What are Saidisms?   Large words that mean 'said,' designed to connote additional information not conveyed in dialog or description. If used to excess, they result in overwriting: ‘SAID’ is infinitely less distracting than "he retorted," "she inquired," or the all-time favorite, "he ejaculated." See also Tom Swifty.

stone hollow tile handmade tile relief arts and crafts tile inspired by styles of the past with themes of nature 

Once I converted to MAC working on the OLD CLUNKY PC's is a chore. That and the clunky operating system that runs it can stay OFF... I love my iMac after 30 years of PC

MacBook Air

MacBook Air Notebook Computers - Buy MacBook Air with or Display - Apple Store (U.


Are you right or left brained? Im left brained but in fact Im more like the right brain

iPhone 5

How To Unlock IPhone is An Essential Part of Browsing the Smartphone and is vital for individuals making use of the IPhone.