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Onion squash tart

Today's recipe came about as a very spontaneous thing. I'd had that onion squash for a while, and I wanted to try something new with i.

Onion squash soup

This squash has many names: Red Kuri squash, Japanese squash, Onion squash etc. The name commonly used in the UK is Onion squash, so.

Schupfnudeln mit Schnitzel

This dish is basically just something I assembled for a Sunday dinner. Only the sauce is my own creamy vegan mushroom sauce, but the oth.

Noodles with smoky tofu, spring onions and soy beans

Last year I reserved Plenty More by Yotam Ottolenghi months before it was published, as I already knew that it would be another bril.

Potato pies in spelt crust

I'm back home in England again, but of course my Finland holiday is influencing my cooking more than usual. I brought some lovely Finn.

Asparagus, cheese and onion tart

I notice that I have been a little bit lazy with asparagus posts this spring and early summer. I have been cooking quite many asparagus .

Stuffed yellow courgettes on a bed of garlicky spaghetti

Happy 1 st of May everyone! It's a big celebration in Finland, but not here, so I've just had a pretty normal day.

Lentil and pea burgers

No month goes by without veggie burger time for me and it's here again today! Sometimes it's almost like no week goes by without veggi.

Sesame bagel with spinach, pepper and emmental

I do like a good filled bagel as breakfast or even occasionally as lunch. This is a basic one with fresh ingredients and nice flavours.

Marinated tofu and pomegranate salad

Here is just a quick salad idea, so without much ado: I baked tofu in the oven and marinated it with harissa , served it warm with som.

Basil ciabatta

I baked ciabatta, as it's one of my favourite bread types. I got inspiration and guidance from this recipe (in Finnish only), but the.

Moroccan style stew with onion squash, chickpeas and sugar snap peas

Moroccan style stew with onion squash, chickpeas and sugarsnap peas

Tomato bruchetta

A tomato bruchetta is a nice classic, which makes a brilliant breakfast or lunch bread with tomatoes, basil and mozzarella.

Sun-dried tomato and asparagus deep pan pizza with lemon

I'm normally not so keen on deep pan pizzas as I prefer a thin crust pizza. Nevertheless I decided to make a spring pan pizza with so.

Onion squash spelt risotto

Since a couple of months I've started preferring a pearled spelt risotto to a regular one. I'd like to think that the spelt variation .

This is a great pizza. I used Top This whole wheat crust and didn't use the full amt of cheese. . Maybe 3/4 c of ricotta and 1/2c mozzarella. The roasted veggies recipe gave me tons of leftovers. I used a squash, 2 onions,  4 potatoes and a lb of carrots and used about half on the pizza.

Roasted Fall Vegetable and Ricotta Pizza

Roasted fall veggie pizza with ricotta. 15 Fabulous Ways to Eat Fall Vegetables LOOKS YUM