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I wish I got these from my boyfriend, but the ones he sends me are even better

#Funny Text Message About Birthday vs. Balloons...

Funny pictures about Sarah has serious issues. Oh, and cool pics about Sarah has serious issues. Also, Sarah has serious issues.

This rule applied to anyone you're texting.

Text Your Ex Back Review

The house emoji should be replaced with the world emoji>>>the house is saying room not world

Century: Couple’s Way Of Communicating Message: “I Got You” Emoji Maybe? Story of Miley Cyrus’ Life Do You Know This Disney Song? Sing Your Heart Out With Emoji Lyrics Few Emojis, But Wor

Hilarious Emoji Text Message

Hilarious Emoji Text Message

This world need more boys or actually people like this

This stuff never happens and it's all some ransoms dream or whatever, but it's still a nice story