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Black Rock Shooter

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Episode 1 for fans of Black★Rock Shooter images.

View full-size (1700x2500 1,087 kB.)

View full-size (1700x2500 1,087 kB.)

Bhahah XD pretty much. Free!, Haikyuu!! ,Death Note and Attack on Titan

Bhahah XD pretty much. ,Death Note, Attack on Titan and much much

Because Anime!

Kuroko no Basuke, FMA(B), Free!, Uta no Prince Sama, and AOT. Poor Levi he will always be short 😂

Dead Master, Takanashi Yomi, Kuroi Mato, and Black Rock Shooter

Yomi (Dead Master) and Mato (BRS) from Black Rock Shooter