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This is Franconia (or Frankie or Franx). She loves tripe, bananas, and sweet potato. Prefers tearing through dirt, rocks, and bushes to concrete.

This proud momma and her adorable pup were turned into the shelter today. The owner couldn't take care of such big dogs in his small apartment, and definitely not two big dogs. They are up for adoption, but cannot be seperated. Please make sure that you have space and time for these lovely ladies.

These Dog Moms Cuddling Their Puppies Will Give You All the Mother’s Day Feels

Great Dane adult and pup!

Awe, I pass a Great Dane every day on my bus route. I don't go down the road with the Burmese Mountain Dog anymore.

Black and White Long Legs Great Dane Puppy Dog On by hartart13, $1200.00

Great Dane - Patient and Friendly

Portfolio - Personality Dog Photographer | The McCartneys Dogs

Great Dane with most beautiful, they are proud dogs and look good with their ears cropped.