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Image from http://www.sarahvivian.com/images/gallery%20pictures/new-paintings/17.Rough-Seas-in-Winter.jpg.

Image from http://www.sarahvivian.com/images/gallery%20pictures/new-paintings/17.Rough-Seas-in-Winter.jpg.

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Justin Cherry (more gorgeous examples of how many colors fall into the spectrum of white and grey. maybe I should make a board of just great white and grey paintings…) art sky

The Devil's Hole pupfish is a fish that made history and soon may actually be history!

Endangered Devil's Hole Pupfish Could Vanish in 30 Years, Egg by Egg.they only exist on do,ace on earth.in Dewth Valley.


Blue - azul - night - noite - boat - barco - luar Boat at night More:

ocean beds

India-based illustrator Svabhu Kohli celebrates the splendor of the natural world with her intricately crafted works of art.

Image from http://www.thepictureparlour.co.uk/0_0_0_0_178_241_csupload_67174163.jpg?u=2630829632.

Cornish cards and prints from Cornish pagan artist Sarah Vivian celebrating the spirit of the landscape of Cornwall magival realism visually expressing earth energies

full moon

She loves looking at the moon and she picked out this picture. Moonlight in San Cataldo - Lecce, Salento, Italia

Beautiful moon mother nature moments

Beautiful moon mother nature moments

Falling For You, Jerry McElroy

Inspired by a lovely woman who came into my life and changed it forever. "Falling for You" nearly painted itself once I began. Heart tree and moon painting.