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NCT Yuta A twenty two year old baby

NCT Dream for Oh! Boy Magazine

nct dream close up shots for ohboy! magazine “scans by ”

Okay well I have some questions to ask. Do you dance 12+ hours a day? Do you rap? Do you have to learn and/or know more than 2 languages? If not, than you in fact, are NOT the hardest working 23 year old!

What she needs to do is calm down cause she's far from the hardest working>>> 20 years old and I work in a hot tub factory that makes all the tubs by hand no machines what so ever. So she's a fucking egotistic bitch.

Cherry bomb dance practice NCT 127 // YUTA AND JAEHYUN LOOK SO GOOD SJHSIDJDJDK,,,,,,

I have this feeling that NCT 127 will make it and become one of the top boy groups and no, it isn't because they are from the Big it's cause they.

NCT DREAM My First And Last Photo Teaser Mark - Ren Jun - Jeno - HaeChan - JaeMin - ChenLe - JiSung

"NCT Dream" is a South Korean teen group and a sub-unit of NCT. They officially debut on August 2016 with the single "Chewing Gum".

Hmmm...well I'm jisung's age. ..so the others r technically older to me

Well, I'm older than Chenle and Jisung but Chenls happens to be my bias. ( we're 4 months apart so its okay I guess lol)

plus the fact that im gay but this makes me laugh everytime i see it lmao

Dude, I’ve had guys hit on me who are 2 years younger than me. One was a 12 year-old who looked Ugh.

13 Novels to Read Aloud in Grade 1. #MedinaLibrary #ReadAlouds #IntenionalHomeschooling

Grade One Read Aloud Novels

Adult game at a 1 year old birthday party. Guests try to guess the age of baby in each photo. I had a photo for each month, 1-12. We gave a prize to the person who got the most right.

Adult game at a 1 year old birthday party. I had a photo for each month, We gave a prize to the person who got the most right.ihht do it for next bday.

Navajo Code Talker George Smith, 90  Their code was never broken by the Japanese during WWII

"Our Navajo Code Talkers have been real life heroes to generations of Navajo people." Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly on the the passing of WWII veteran and Navajo Code Talker George Smith, USMC, who passed away Oct.

Well, maybe it's because this person wouldn't make friends with a 13 Year old fangirl because he doesn't know you? And will never do? Because you're not the only fan? And he's not a pedophile?

Brooke ➕ on

I just wish it was, I would love to just be there for you to listen to your problems and make you feel better like you do for me.to hang out with you and just be your friend.