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curly hair problems "omg i forgot my hair tie!" "just use a rubber band" *look at them like the just grew another head* so true hate my curly hair

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Lucky Blue Smith:: my name is Alexander Devon. I'm sixteen years old, sixth year. I'm very intelligent but like to keep to myself usually. I'm shy but really friendly and chatty once I warm up to you. I love reading and can often be found hiding in the library with my nose buried in a book. I have a pet cat and owl. (autistic. very powerful but usually harmless. muggleborn. wand: Black Walnut wood Dragon heartstring core 12 ½" in length Hard flexibility)

Leo Edwards- only wears various shades of the color green. Works cash register at a small pizza restaurant and bleaches his hair once a month.

#Syrian-kids, orphan, hungry, afraid just need secure life

Beautiful sad blue eyes💔 orphan, hungry, afraid just need secure life

This is why swimmers have amazing bodies. Total body workout every time you enter the water Miss swimming so much!

Dolan Twin Facts - Both - Wattpad

Dolan Twin Facts - Both