Wow! I love the colors, the placement, the it

Fotos de tatuagens nas costas (52 Tatuagens)

Hibiscus flower is the genus of large flowers which grow in most tropical areas of the world. It is now one of favorite choices for women’s tattoo ideas. Hibiscus tattoos not only come in a magnificent variety of colors… Continue Reading →


water color octopus - i dont like octopus for tattoos, but the coloring on this is sooooo pretty! I love the octopus!

puzzle tattoos - Google Search

A mermaid tattoo. Maybe ripped skin w/ scales instead of a puzzle piece. Awesome idea I'm doing this

Music notes tattoo on side - 60 Awesome Music Tattoo Designs  <3 <3

60 Awesome Music Tattoo Designs

32 music note tattoos to inspire. Make sweet music with these music note tattoo body art designs. A musical note tattoo will perfect your style.


GE - Signs of the Zodiac - Sagittarius, the Archer. Body Art tattoo piercing picture photo art Milky Way Galaxy universe space astral astrologer astronomer Star sky astronomic celestial map astronomy sun solar system moon comet asteroid meteor