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love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle | motivational words to live by

Live healthy life by making positive healthy choices. It is a everyday lifestyle choice to eat well, feel good, move your body and think positive. 💛LOVE yourself enough to live healthy

How much have you lost?  Funny and Inspiring Chart to Measure Weight Loss.

50 Best Weight Loss Exercises

Your weight loss_this really puts things into perspective.me I lost a bald eagle then found an average new born


"Stop eating CRAP. C = Carbonated drinks, R = Refined sugars, A = Artificial food, P = Processed food FROM: Daily motivation photos)

Feeling sleep deprived? You have a lot of company, especially in the over 50 age group. Click to know if it's just a part of getting older!

10 tips for better sleep. These are all solid except falling asleep and waking up using your internal alarm clock. My internal alarm clock wants to sleep from My internal alarm clock would never ever wale me up for work.

Keep going!

Eat less sugar, you’re sweet enough already! : Quote About Eat Less Sugar Youre Sweet Enough Already

How to work out more this semester.

40 Things to Try When You Don't Want to Work Out

40 ways to motivate yourself when you don't want to work out. ONE of these is bound to motivate you!

Procrastinate Productively. Pinterest.

Pin It Friday - Procrastinate Productively

Our bodies are not cut out to handle sodas. Here are only some of it's harmful effects.

How Soda Destroys Your Body

Rodale: How Soda Destroys Your Body (INFOGRAPHIC) Diet or not, soda does some really gross things to your body! This is my dads key problem to his pancreas. STOP Drinking it if it's that bad for you!

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Diets DON'T work! Get healthy, stay healthy only happens looooooooong term, and no one sustains a "diet" for the rest of his/her life.

This about sums it up! Lifestyle change for yourself and your family. Treat your body good and only put good things into it. Lose weight FAST with the Military Diet. I don't call it a diet I call it a "lifestyle".

The Pink Drink. Plexus Slim. Helps burn fat. I drink this 1st thing in the morning. My sugar cravings have decreased significantly!!! Lost 2 inches in 1 month :-)

Plexus Slim is natural, plant based, gluten free, lactose free, caffeine free and vegan. Approved for Diabetics too. Was created to regulate blood sugar for diabetics!