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Travel Bucket List: Watch the Sunset in Rio

Travel Bucket List: Photo

Travel Bucket List: Watch the Sunset in Rio

I saw them!!!!!! As the plane was descending into Iceland, I saw them dancing in the sky!

Every time they've been visible in Ohio, I've been stuck in the city with a bunch of lights! Need to go to Alaska!

I’ve done it at 2am on a cruise ship. Carnival imagination! With great people I’ll probably never see again

I detest all iterations of golf, it is something I have no interest in doing again - I did it on a grade 8 Toronto exchange, and that was more than enough

I stood behind one in the UP for a picture, but I never got wet. Next time I want to be drenched!

I stood behind one for a picture, but I never got wet. Next time I want to be drenched!

COMPLETED: December 2016 (Disney)  Does Six Flags Safari count?

Top Tourist Attractions in Tanzania

Bucket list: Be to New York on New Year's Eve

Watch the ball drop in Times Square. (Can't say I want to be in that crowd in Times Square, but I'd love to be somewhere close enough to watch in person.

Check✔️ I went a couple of times. The weather was amazing. I suggest you go if you ever get a chance.

A beautiful park partially frames La Sagrada Familia, Guidi’s most well known design in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo By: John & Tina Reid)

Before I die, I want to...

August 2016 I've also been to the top of Taipei 101 (tall building in the picture) - it's the second tallest building in the world and has the fastest elevator!

Things to do before i die

Climb the Steps of the Mayan Ruins / Bucket List Ideas / Before I Die .( you can't climb them anymore )

This is on my bucket list. I wanna go so bad... To pay my respect... :( I wanna do something with this pin, pin it please. This doesn't have to be on your bucket list I don't care, just show your respect for the 9/11 heroes, please even if you weren't born.

32 Patriotic Names

Ground Zero New York. The memorial was under construction when we visited there but I think this is a beautiful picture.


Had an awesome time snorkeling in St John, VI!