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Little girl in a beautiful national costume of Ukraine (?). Headdress with pom-poms.

Kokoshnic Headdress (a Russian term) on this lovely Ukraine youth, Konopata…

Vietnam | Red Dzao Baby With A Traditional Hat.  Sapa | Red Dzao are a subgroup of the Dao, one of the 54 ethnic minorities in Vietnam. There are about 470,000 of them living in northern Vietnam, close to the chinese border (a lot can also be found in China and Laos). They originally migrated from China during the 19th century. Hence Dao have long used Chinese writings (but pronounced in the Dao way) called Nom Dao. | © Eric Lafforgue

Red Dzao Baby With A Traditional Hat, Sapa, Vietnam --- Photo by Eric Lafforgue

Visit the indigenous Karen people in their villages in Burma.  We are more alike than we are unalike. #ridecolorfully

five year old paeng, a long neck padaung hill tribe girl of chiang dao, thailand. photo by paula bronstein

k-a-t-i-e-: Afghanistan, 1991  Steve McCurry

k-a-t-i-e-: Afghanistan, 1991 Steve McCurry.photos of children from this region always make me feel melancholy because of what I see in the eyes of the little ones.

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The Big Picture photography competition: round 72

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Tibet - Monastère de Songzanlin, ville de Zhongdian - Zhongdian est davantage connue sous le nom de Shangri-La - Photo : Petite fille tibétaine tenant un jeune agneau sur ses genoux / Photographe : Gil Azouri / Prise de la photo : 10 Juin 2005 / www.gilazouri.com

Little Tibetan Girl at Songzanlin Monastery with her little pet lamb on a leash. Note that the beautifully cared for lamb is wearing an adorned headpiece.

Native Smile from a Sakha (''Yakut'') child in traditional dress, Sakha Republic (''Yakutia''), Northeast Siberia

Native Smile from a Sakha (''Yakut'') child in traditional dress, Sakha Republic (''Yakutia''), Northeast Siberia, Russia