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the human will never find me here! - Imgur

the human will never find me here!

Goldens: so gentle, even butterflies love them!

Butterfly and Golden Retriever. I think my heart just exploded. He is shocked and cross eyed over that butterfly. so cute


These 31 super happy animals will leave you smiling after you have seen them. We might not be able to understand animals, but we can all recognise a smile as a

Wilson the Golden Retriever Pictures 631243

such a pretty golden boy with his blue color Awe.I hope this is what Riley looked like when he was a puppy :) Pet Accessories, Dog Toys, Cat Toys, Pet Tricks

Smile! Dogs love watermelon. :D #happy

What is refreshing, sweet, PINK and it is always in my fridge? WATERMELON!

Christmas ...........click here to find out more http://kok.googydog.com

Christmas Dog :) I wear a Santa Hat always to do my shopping everywhere. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas that I see. Never experienced one ugly or mean response but if I did, I would simply move on being exactly who I am.

Golden retriever male keegan

The Golden Retriever is probably the most child-friendly dog to come down the pike. In fact, they are the mellowest dog you'll ever have in your home. They love the water, and I recall seeing my niece's Golden dive repeatedly into the pool.

touching golden retriever

touching golden retriever