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Stock Footage of Colorful Puzzle pieces coming together.

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Enter your new best friends: apps for the road. Here are the 6 coolest ones to make the most of your miles and capture memories along the way.


Today's word reminds us that we live in a country where the Bible is easily available. Are we going to use it to let it transform our lives?

Secret pricing hacks at Costco, Sam’s Club and BJs

Interpreting the 'Secret' Costco Price Codes to Save Even More Money


"But then again, why change your diet when you can just keep sending me to the Bahamas twice a year?" Bizarro Comic (by Dan Piraro)

An IBM SCE Image Catalog Fairytale

Here are the five BORST (get it? Best AND Worst?ok sorry) things about the first week of school. They’re the good and the bad, at the same time.