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The Adventures of Peter Freuchen... Chuck Norris is a freaking kitten compared with this guy!!

The Adventures of Peter Freuchen

The Adventures of Peter Freuchen. Chuck Norris is a freaking kitten compared to this guy!

Jennifer Lawrence vs Zach Galifianakis     This is something i would say.  haha

Zach Galifianakis and Jennifer Lawrence. Hilarious moment from "between Two Ferns" interview. Odd coincidences are fun.

"I saw a squirrel in my yard so I leaned on the wall sensually".... oh man.  Gets me every time.

I’m not modeling…

Oh Dear God. Her captions. I can't even. "I was about to ride the bulldozer and the camera turned on by itself. I'm not a model." Hahahahahah I need to breathe.

Hiking quotes.

A guy who takes inner city kids on hikes- their quotes. Too funny! Them ghetto kids sure do love that nature!

Honest Breaking Bad TV Show Trailer

Funny honest version of the Breaking Bad TV show.

True Friendship- for those minutes before jello I was so scared and touched by how his friends reacted

Friends imagination: you are dying alone in a hospital. Reality: eating Jell-o chillin in the hospital>>> I adored this scene.

look at what you have done hank.

The 24 Best Internet Reactions to the Final Season of Breaking Bad from Look What I Found ~ ffs Hank, get it right