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Deer Woman is a shape-shifting woman in Native American mythology. She appears at various times as an old woman, or a young beautiful maiden, or a deer. Some descriptions assign her a human female upper body and the lower body of a white-tailed deer.

Deer Skin Headdress by ~NaturePunk on deviantART

Full Pelt Genuine Mule Deer Headdress with Mounted Head by NaturePunk- lol awesome for those who don't fear hunters.

The Morrigan derives from Irish Celtic mythology and is known as the ...

Which Celtic Goddess Are You?

o Morrigan banríon mór tú a bhfuil a gutha agus gothaí soothe mo phian marfach a chloisteáil mo ghlór éisteacht le séiseanna de mo anam breathe an cumhráin de mo deabhóid mo ghrá (NEW MORRIGAN, Sharon Aur, SciFi Fantasy Art-)

Aeronight - This is basically what they look like. At least the girls.

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Iroquois Indian Mythology and Spirituality - Native American Dream Ceremonies and Interpretation

Iroquois Indian Mythology and Spirituality - Native American Dream Ceremonies and Interpretation ♡✿♔Life, likes and style of Creole-Belle♔✿✝♡

Female icons. Ancestral Mothers. Sacred women.

An assortment of Goddess figures // female icons // ancestral mothers // sacred women // life givers // original source


Mesolithic Female Shaman of Bad Dürrenberg -- BCE -- Reconstructed regalia from animal bones, horns, teeth & shells -- Source: PDF of "Archaeological Finds From Germany.

Which Greek God Are You: You got: Apollo You have a wide range of interests and just as many talents. Being well-rounded has made you many friends and others seek you out for your knowledge and expertise.

Which Greek God Are You?

Which Greek God Are You? You got: Poseidon You’re into nature and the outdoors. Nothing pleases you more than going outside for a winding walk or rigorous hike. You’re also imposing and strong, which only adds to your active lifestyle.