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How to Organize and Print Years Worth of Photos | Lil Blue Boo

Great tips on how to organize and consolidate photos on computer. How to store hard copies in yearly boxes with christmas cards, kids artwork, cd of digital images and momentos from that

♡☼⁀⋱‿✿★☼⁀ ♡ "Quando alguém encontra seu caminho precisa ter coragem suficiente para dar passos errados. As decepções, as derrotas, o desânimo são ferramentas que Deus utiliza para mostrar a estrada." ||Paulo Coelho|| ================================================== wan·der·lust

Writing letters may no longer be necessary (and may be considered tedious), but one should still take the time to write, even short thank you notes or words of encouragement.

1940 London ~ Air raids destroyed this bookstore. It did not stop this boy from reading anyway.   <3

38 Photographs from the Past Worth Seeing and Learning From

A boy sits reading in a bombed bookstore, London, October 8 1940 // black and white photography

Vintage Photo of a Boy on his Dappled Painted Rocking Horse.

Little Boy Hat Knickers on Vintage Toy Rocking Horse Antique 1890 From Negative, U. Michigan by Child`s Art Gallery