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Black Lab puppy ❤️

Black Lab puppy ❤️

Cape Cod Collegiate  this is a schmoopy face if I ever saw one!

Chocolate lab labs are so sensitive and intelligent and engaged, look at those eyes. I lovey chocolate lab'

All tucked in

If I could wake up next to this every day I don't think I could ever have a bad day. We are getting a new golden retriever puppy on Thursday and I can't wait to wake up to this!

silver labs are soooo cute

This guy gets my vote.weimerainer's coloring with a lab's more pudgy frame Silver lab puppy

Büyüdüğünü İdrak Edememiş Köpekler

love chocolate labrador retrievers Cute pic of this one in the laundry .Awhh get that baby a bigger laundry basket .

the dapper dog

German Short haired Pointer - Puppies are soo adorable with their little sad faces

tinywhitedaisies                                                       …

Day by day I battle to be the man I'm called to be: husband, dad, brother, friend, entrepreneur and in all ravenously hungry for real adventure and true freedom.

A labrador retriever puppy

A labrador retriever puppy