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When I was a kid we were taught that it was rude to read at the dinner table, so I make sure in my relationship that my girlfriend comes first in this regard, but I'm sure many have these

Ha! Ha! First Sign of Spring: Yep ... It's a ROBIN ... FROM: Is Nothing Sacred?: The First Sign of Spring

The Cartoonist Group - Dan Piraro :: Bizarro :: :: Image :: First Sign Of Spring. :: First robin of spring.

Bizarro cartoon (May 3, 2012) "Math for Dummies"

"Two "Math for Dummies" at each. That'll be 50 dollars." Why we need math : )

"Should we put another body on top? I think we got a spare in the trunk."

Lego Gangsters

Lego Gangsters - Wouldn't it be fun to work in a Lego Factory? Well, for a day or two anyway! :) This is funny!

Omg. I laughed a little too much!

I Am So Delicious - You are viewing Photo titled OMG! My Leg Is So Delicious – Funny Picture For Thanksgiving. A Funny Cartoon Of A Chicken Is Eating Its Own Leg. from the Category Funny Pictures Text & Quotes Tags: Animals Birds Cartoons

Happy Birthday Mr. Dragon

❤Kawaii Love❤ ~Happy birthday dragon can't blow out candles.I WANNA DRAGON especialy toothless

女:「你呢?你會冷嗎?」 死神:「我沒有任何肉體」|漫畫

Obsessed by the lust of Obscurity — “My princess My queen” © Haenuli.

English cartoon

Funny pictures about Jury of English Majors. Oh, and cool pics about Jury of English Majors. Also, Jury of English Majors.

Pavlov did an experiment for classical conditioning where he rang a bell every time he presented a dog with food. The sound of the bell became a conditioned stimulus because the dog learned to salivate when hearing it, even if no food was presented.

(Mailbox on house reads 'The Pavlovs,' and sign on front door reads 'Please Do Not Ring Bell.